CBD Hemp Paste is similar to other hemp oil products that contain cannabinoids, while being completely different in many respects. It is usually much more concentrated than other products, making it as dense as honey. The main differences are the concentration of substances that connect to the human endocannabinoid system.

CBD hemp paste with phytochemicals and phytcons is a very good option for people who expect a much higher dose of the active substance, people who struggle with serious diseases such as
e.g. various types of tumors or for people for whom lower concentrations are not enough and do not produce the desired effects.

It is also much easier to take, often also in a milder flavor form. In our offer you will find them in three levels of Fitkon full spectrum power and phytochemicals.

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    Paste CBD 40% Full Spectrum RAW – strong

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    Paste CBD 70% Full Spectrum RAW – strong

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    Paste CBD 80% Full Spectrum RAW – strong

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