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Swiss Laboratorie

About company

Swiss Laboratorie, is one of few companies that have participated for several years in improving the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extraction process of cannabis sativa, taking into account its properties and maintaining the highest possible number of valuable ingredients.

The knowledge gained by the team of professors based on the Swiss technology allowed to develop and improve the production methods of high quality extracts, which maintain the full spectrum of cannabinoids in the noble natural dark form of drops or personalized amber oil.


My 18-year-old daughter has skin problems, recurrent bacterial infections, pimples, and at her age it’s a tragedy. She said she was ashamed to leave the house. I convinced her to take CBD oil to support the regular treatment. After one month of taking the oil, her skin condition has significantly improved. The pimples are smaller and there are less outbreaks. Her face looks much better, so my daughter began to feel better.


I began to take CBD last year to improve my mood. I have been suffering from seasonal depression in the autumn and winter forever. Short days, ugly weather outside the window, and here I am in a black hole. Since I decided to take this oil, I began to sleep better at night and I’m much less often in a bad mood in the winter.


I can recommend Swiss Laboratorie oil to those who don’t know how to handle pain. I have had degenerative spinal pain for 4 years and sometimes it was difficult to stand. My regular painkillers were not helping anymore. I have been taking this preparation regularly for a couple of months and the pain has disappeared! I no longer have to sit down on a bench on my way to the shop and nobody has to let me go ahead in the register queue.


My dad is sick with Parkinson’s disease. He has recently been increasingly stimulated, it even happened that he was aggressive. Since he has been taking CBD, he clearly feels better. He is calmer, more quiet. I think it’s thanks to the oil, because nothing before that helped.


I have been taking Swiss Laboratorie hemp oil for half a year. I decided to take it, because I heard that it may help in my problems related to arthritis. And indeed, after some time I discovered that I was feeling much better. My arms don’t hurt me as much and are not as stiff as before the surgery.



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