Swiss Laboratorie

About company


Swiss Laboratorie is one of few companies that have participated for several years in improving the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extraction process of cannabis sativa, taking into account its properties and maintaining the highest possible number of valuable ingredients.

The knowledge gained by the team of professors based on the Swiss technology allowed to develop and improve the production methods of high quality extracts, which maintain the full spectrum of cannabinoids in the noble natural dark form of drops or personalized amber oil.

Thanks to the increasing range of products and their applications, the manufactured oils can be used as a finished product or implemented in dietary supplements in various forms: liquids, powder, RAW bars, gels or e-liquid. All our activities are intended to develop a unique formula that will allow our cooperator to implement CBD and other cannabinoids in their finished product. Formulas that can be used in various industries: foods, cosmetics, functional foods and superfoods are created in the company’s laboratories.

Oil with pro-health CBD, CBG, CBDa, CBGa manufactured in various forms: starting with solid, through cream, ending with liquid, allows our cooperators to select the best possible parameters and adjust them to the expectations that they have regarding their own product. The wide range of tested products with addition of our CBD oil increases the portfolio of products that we work on improving for our customers, as well as allows us to extend our own offer.


Improvement of processes and quality are the tasks which we have been handling now for over 3 years. We apply in the finished product all experience gathered by our renowned team in Poland and abroad. We control the quality of soil and compounds contained therein already at the sowing stage, and during the cultivation we ensure 100% environmentally-friendly crops, without using any chemicals.

Soil quality tests are the key element of cooperation with farmers, because hemp has properties related to extracting all chemicals from the soil. Before harvesting, we take care to determine the best possible moment to pick the blossoms, and afterwards, our main activities are focused on the quality of drying in natural conditions without the uncontrolled use of polluted air. The dried hemp is tested for the content of CBD, but also heavy metals and pesticides, as well as (to the largest extent) THC. The further process and tests include a number of operations, in consequence of which we obtain cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. These days, we offer a very high production capacity, scalable to industrial production. This enables us to offer a product of high laboratory grade purity and Swiss quality with minimum amount of THC.